Your Guide in Purchasing a Printed Circuit Board Online

Many companies and individuals create and market products that require prototypes of printed circuit board. If you are in need of these prototypes, you have two options: manufacture the circuit boards or hire a company that can manufacture the prototypes according to your preferences and needs.

PCBProducing prototypes of a printed circuit board is a laborious job considering the need of highly functional and efficient facilities for fabrication and assembly. Building these facilities just to create prototypes is certainly not a practical idea. It is less expensive to outsource the production of the prototype to a firm that already has the necessary setup to produce them. This article will help you in choosing a suitable company to outsource the production of a circuit board prototype.

You can save a lot of time when you choose to use online quotes applications provided by several PCB manufacturing firms. It is very easy to use these online applications because you may only need to provide the needed specifications about the prototype. These details usually include the material to be used for the board, its thickness and also other particular details. An online quote facility can also provide you the estimated price of the prototype even before you make an order.

As a general rule, the higher the number of prototypes you order, the lesser the price of the whole order will be –

This means that the quantity of the production is inversely proportional to the price of the order. However, it is important to bear in mind that circuit board prototypes are seldom produced massively because they are not yet the final designs.

Professional designers and manufacturers of printed circuit board have extensive knowledge when it comes to producing prototype that will enable you to cut down on the cost. An experienced producer can also spread the cost of prototype over several customers by setting up schematics that can cater to the needs of different customers. This will make it easy to control the total price of the PCB prototypes.

Most producers of PCB prototypes utilize the Gerber format in designing and manufacturing circuit boards –

While choosing the right producer, you should also take note that your selected manufacturer must be able to work with the file formats that you can provide. For instance, if you cannot provide specific format, there’s a risk that the prototypes will come out differently.

If you can provide a format which the designer and manufacturer are comfortable working on, then the task will be very cost efficient. Most manufacturers of printed circuit board also provide design services. Taking advantage of these services can be very beneficial because the firm has all the technical know-how needed to complete the procedure. You can also ensure that all problems that will arise during the pre-assembly stage will be easily resolved because you are dealing with professionals.

Printed Circuit Board

In choosing a provider to outsource the assembly of printed circuit board prototypes, it is crucial that you understand the factors that could affect the lead time. If the design of the circuit board is composed of materials that are not standard, the manufacturer might need longer lead time. This is true if you are experimenting with new design prototypes because they may need to create a unique series of production to be able to produce your needed circuit boards.

It is also crucial to take a closer look on the range of package types that the manufacturer of PCB can take for production. Professional firms will include this crucial information on their websites. For example, not all PCB producers can accept orders for chip-scale or special ball grid array (BGA). You can prevent later problems by calling the technical support team of a prospect online provider and inquire if they have the capacity to assemble your required PCB prototypes.


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Get Moving with a Movable Cubicle

When storage or office space is limited, a movable cubicle or several cubicles become a necessity.  This is a reality that most businesses face.  They often need a secure space to store their equipment and supplies or a reliable way to move them from one location to another.  The advantages of these moveable cubicles are just too good to ignore. If you are a business owner, we hope that the following will features will convince you to consider using moveable cubicles for your storage or moving needs:

1. Flexibility –

A movable cubicle can be used in a variety of ways. Different clients have different needs. Construction sites, for instance, may use these containers to store equipment and materials in an organized manner. They can also opt to use a movable cubicle as an offsite office, a break room, or even a shelter for employees who will temporarily stay onsite for days at length.

Retail business, on the other hand, can use these containers when they need to store more inventory during the peak season. Racks and shelves can be installed in the cubicles depending on what needs to be stored in them.  The size and weight of the goods to be placed on the shelves will have to be considered in the installation.  The good thing about moveable cubicles is that they are flexible enough to be customized according to your needs.


2. Security and Safety –

Moveable cubicles from are designed to keep the stored items secure from environmental factors as well as from unwelcome intruders.  The materials used in manufacturing the cubicles are sturdy enough to withstand the elements and endure regular use.  They are made of thick tough steel that’s resistant to strong winds and water.  The containers are also fitted with doors that can be locked through a tamper-proof lockbox.

3. Mobility –

Moveable cubicles at are easy to transport.  We can even do the moving for you.  We offer services to make moving more convenient for our business and residential clients.  You can be sure that your items will be kept safe and protected during and after the move because we will treat them with utmost care.  This kind of portability of moveable cubicles takes away the hassle of having to move materials, products, and equipment separately or in multiple trips.  Just load everything up in a movable cubicle of the right size and you’re good to go.

4. Cost Efficient –

Budget is always an issue in any business.  You want to end up with the most cost-efficient option all the time.  You want to get the most out of your money.  With moveable cubicles from, you will get exactly what you pay for.  You get the right sized cubicle that’s made of high quality materials and that’s built to last for many years.  The versatility of the cubicle also makes it possible for you to repurpose it as necessary.  You also have the option to either purchase or lease the cubicle for a very competitive yet affordable price.

Movable Cubicle

Solving Your Storage and Moving Needs

Every business will have its own specific storage and moving needs that need to be addressed.  As such, it would be necessary for you to have a good idea of what these needs are and be able to communicate it accurately to your movable cubicle supplier.  This ensures that the perfect solution will be presented to you.

Using moveable cubicles for your storage and moving needs will result in a more organized way of doing business and more productive operations.  These results can very well translate to effective workflow and consequently more profits.  In the previously mentioned example using storage cubicles for peak season inventory, for example, the business saves time and effort from having to transport their goods from their factory or from a far off warehouse just to ensure that they have enough stock to meet the demand.

Extra space is a commodity that can run out very quickly especially for businesses.  Moveable cubicles and storage containers are able to provide you with the extra space that you need without you having to dole out a huge amount of money for commercial real estate. has a variety of sizes of cubicles and containers to match the needs of business and residential clients.  We have been in the business for many years and have worked with a good number of clients across various industries.  Give us a call too and allow us to help you with your storage and moving requirements.


Facts and “magic” of challenge coins by Challengecoins4less

Decades have passed since the first time challenge coins were used. It was written that at the end of World War Two, American soldiers stationed in Germany conducted “penny checks” at their checkpoints using German coins.

Since then, the use and popularity of challenge coins spread within the military ranks. Historians said that although the beginnings of military coins remain unknown, there were stories that during the Roman Empire, military commanders gave coins to soldiers after coming from battles. It was also said that instead of spending the coins, soldiers kept them as souvenirs because of their high value and quality.

Many non-military personnel may not be familiar with challenge coins. Therefore, challengecoins4less will share some facts and “magic” of these coins.

Challenge coin saved French soldier’s life

During the First World War, a squadron commander gave medallions to his pilots. Their unit’s insignia was inscribed in the coins that made their identification easy.

In one of their missions in Germany, a plane was shot down by enemy fire. Luckily, the pilot was able to eject from the plane and used his parachute to land safely on the ground. However, he was captured by the enemies and was held as a prisoner of war. They took all his personal belongings except for a bag containing the medallion given by his commander.

With luck, he managed to escape from his captors and made his way into France. Unfortunately, he was charged with espionage in France. Although the provisions of the Geneva Convention about espionage were not clear, his execution was ordered.

However, before he was executed, a French soldier recognized his medallion and the insignia inscribed in it. Like a sleight of hand in magic, he was released and was able to rejoin his unit later.

Challenge coins as morale booster

Soldiering is a profession that is different in many ways from other professions. One big difference is the kind of life that soldiers live. Most of the time, they are away from their families and their lives are in danger. Soldiering is the only profession where lives are offered for the benefit of others.

Their dedication to the military service is indubitable. And like any other people, soldiers also want recognition. One way to recognize their sacrifices is by awarding them with military challenge coins. The coins boost their morale and make them feel their belongingness and importance to their groups.

Challenge coins for identification

Challenge coins share similar purpose with patches, ID cards, and military “dog tags”. Like the French soldier mentioned earlier, soldiers are identified easily by showing their coins to challengers. Usually, the coins are also inscribed with the name of the military unit of the holder that makes identification easier.

The VIPs and the challenge coins

Challenge CoinThere was information that high ranking government officials have their own challenge coins. The United States Presidents and Vice Presidents give out commemorative coins to selected recipients because they are limited in number.

Former United States Defense Secretary Robert Gates gave challenge coins to soldiers when he visited them in Afghanistan in 2011. He did it by concealing the coins in his palm and surprised the soldiers when he shook their hands. That handshake was later called the “secret handshake”.

Challenge coins in a non-military context

Challengecoins4less provides challenge coins for non-military organizations.

Today’s challenge coins are no longer exclusive for the military. Likewise, most of these coins are not used for coin challenges. Companies give out these coins as tokens of appreciation for their employees’ productivity. They also give them as souvenirs to their employees and guests during special celebrations.


You may be interested in acquiring challenge coins for your organization. Whether you belong to a military unit or a private entity, you can choose from a selection of coins offered by By visiting their website, you will be given the procedure on how you can get your coins.

You can also customize your coins by giving them the details. Their talented design artists will work on your details to give you the best challenge coins you need.

The prices of their high-quality and artistically designed challenge coins are reasonable. At, you are assured of an honest and excellent service.

From the penny checks after the Second World War to today’s coin challenges, the tradition of challenge coins live on. The “magic” that those coins give their holders are priceless.


Making A Statement With Custom Patches

Denims are making a comeback right now and they’re becoming staple fashion pieces. A lot of young designers nowadays are tweaking the good old denim jacket to make a fashion statement. And how do they make their statements known? They used patches!

Embroidered patches goes way back during the 1800s and are still used today :

We essentially used them as a badge to represent a group, an institution, an advocacy, etc. But now, people use them to make fashion statements and add spunk on our day-to-day clothing.

Making embroidered patches requires skill because it needs a lot of handwork and embroidering. But if we’re lacking in that department fret not because there are companies who offer such services. And they can also create for us custom patches and have it delivered right at our doorstep.

One formidable company from Florida, USA specialize in customized embroidered patches is the guys from patches4less. The company is known to give their clients the liberty to decide with everything regarding their custom patches. They will work on their desired designs given the customers decide with the size, the quantity and the kind of threads to be used and the patch backing options.

Custom Patches

Through their website, clients can place orders and even get a free quotation from them. First, they simply send them a patch ideas/design or any artworks or pictures. Once the design is received their artists will send the client a digital proof of their design that they’ll have to approve before finalizing an order. After getting the client’s approval, they will then proceed with the production of the custom patches.

What we like more about patches4less is that they really give us the autonomy to work on our patches to our best taste. As paying customers we have the option to decide on what threads to use, its size, quantity and what kind of patch backing to be done. When it comes to color accuracy for the patch design, we can use their patch color guide from their website to establish the correct color of the twill and threads for them to use.

Speaking about patch backing, it’s impressive that they have varied options for this :

We personally love the Iron on Backing because it’s easier way to attach the patches; and also we are in love with the Velcro Backing because we can wear the patch pretty much anywhere with Velcro!

Since Patches4less is a company that caters to customized outputs it’s understandable that they have a minimum capping for orders. The minimum quantity per order is 10 pieces and the maximum is 2000 pieces. Patch sizes on the other hand can go from as small as 2 inches up to 7 inches.

Embroidered Patches

Pricing is also subject to every order specifications. So it’s important to know what size of the patch & the actual size of the embroidery, the type of patch backing, and the kind of threads and twill that will be used.

The company has a no-cancellation policy since they are selling customized items and each of those items is backed by a digital proof that we’ve approve. Nonetheless, they will gladly replace faulty items due to production errors.

We have no problem putting our trust on this company because they’ve already been in business for quite some time now and are able to deliver great custom patches for a lot of customers. Some of them are companies from the Fortune 500, the military, the police and many more. This feat already assures us with the amount of dedication they give for this industry.

Patches4less also takes pride on their design team:

Boasting with their years of experience, they are able to design and deliver quality patches that match customers’ specifications. And we don’t doubt them about this.

They also offer free shipping using FEDEX USA AIR so we are guaranteed that our orders will be delivered to our doorstep right on time. Just make sure to indicate the complete and accurate address to prevent delays and loss of the package.

Their customized services are perfect for fashion savvy individuals who love to make a statement out of custom patches. Just imagining the opportunity to make use of our own design to incorporate on our garments to make statements invokes a lot of fun.

This can also bring opportunities for young and aspiring designers to sell their unique designs using their customized patches and make a profit out of it. And with the availability of resources through the internet everything has become effortlessly possible.

Making a statement using patches has never been this fun. And being able to design and customize our own patches also adds the fun of making your own statement. And just like wearing school patches, wearing your designed patches is like wearing your identity and taking pride of it.


Best Golf Clubs For Beginners

For beginners, learning the swing can be a bit of a challenge. However, with the right gear, the word ‘easy’ will come to you. Thanks to modern technology, new and improved equipment are here to help beginners learn the basics a lot more quickly.

Here is a list of clubs that would definitely assist you as you try to step up your game play.

Golf Set: Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray Complete Set With Bag Graph/Steel
Golf SetA golf set is ideal for every beginner because it contains all the necessary golf clubs. The Ray Cook set from RockBottomGolf is perfect for both beginners and advanced users. It contains over sized hyper titanium and stainless steel golf clubs, including the driver, fairway, hybrid, iron and putter. The clubs are aerodynamically designed to reduce energy consumption during downswing, which increases head speed and improves distance. When it comes to the price, there is no better deal than this. The set comes with a stand bag which is durable, lightweight and is designed with easy-lift handles.

Golf Driver: Callaway Golf- XR Driver

For every golfer, speed and distance is everything. The driving force behind the XR Driver from RockBottomGolf is proven to be the fastest Callaway titanium driver ever. Its speed from Speed Step Crown helps maximize your swing while reducing the drag. In addition, the R•MOTO Face Technology increases the overall ball speed. Lastly, it has a speed that produces maximum shaft load during the downswing, so that greater energy can transfer towards the ball. Even with its low price, this driver will surely exceed your expectations.

Golf Putter: Odyssey Golf- Works Versa Tank Super Stroke Putter

When it comes to accuracy and counterbalance, this putter is not one to fail you. RockBottomGolf brings you the Super Stroke Putter which shows relentless dedication to put you to your highest game performance. Its consistent alignment will give you the perfect distance-feel that you’ve been looking for. It is designed to create more stability for a consistent and smoother stroke. With the Super Stroke grip, it brings the precision to your every putting.

Golf Fairway: Callaway Golf- XR Pro Fairway Wood

Another of the Callaway golf clubs has proven to help golf players step up in their own game. The XR Pro Fairway Wood is shaped perfectly to help create better golfers, and for better golfers to be at their very best. It was developed to increase ball speed across the face for greater distance and to make it easier for you to hit with more forgiveness. Its ‘easy-on-the-eyes’ design will surely give you great confidence over the ball. The price is just as good as the product’s quality, but great discounts are being offered at RockBottomGolf.

Golf Hybrid: Adams Golf- Super 9031 Hybrid
Golf DriverWhen it comes to searching for the best hybrid golf clubs, Adams has been the number 1 ever since. Adams always listens to every golfer’s concerns and essentially applies the needed refinements. These different hybrid clubs by Adams always keep up to improve every player’s swing with more distance while maintaining the look and control that they desire. The Super 9031 Hybrid has a decent and compact work ability. As long as you make solid contact with it, you are sure to perform well. From its grip, shafts and other parts, everything is sure to keep you on top of your game.

Golf Chippers: Ray Cook Golf- Extreme Aim Chipper

Ray Cook’s golf clubs have been the ultimate game changers every now and then. When you need a little bit of help attacking the pin from off the green, you should check this golf club out. It is mainly designed to act like a putter; the only difference is that this can make you aim better. Its clean, visual looking sight and alignment is best for short bumps and run shots. This golf club from RockBottomGolf is highly recommended if you want to quit worrying about your chipping.


Common things you can still do while facing a foreclosure order

If you don’t want to succumb to panic, you need to be ready if ever a foreclosure order arrives on your doorstep. Aside from hiring a Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer to fend off the attempt to take away your property, there are also several other things you are allowed to do as long as the legal battle is not over yet. Here are some noteworthy examples:

  • PropertyOffer the property for rental –
    one of the options that can help with the financial struggle of battling for your property is to find someone willing to rent it, especially if you are not using it as your home while the trial is still in progress. Before you try to benefit from this income-generating strategy though, it would be best to discuss things with your lawyer. After all, there might be very specific clauses in your case that legally prevent you from engaging in such endeavors.
  • Answer to the foreclosure order the soonest possible time you can – obviously, it should be your utmost priority to handle the legal dilemma. That means upon hiring a Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer, you need to discuss the contents of the order. Aside from that, you’ll have to come up with a good response within twenty calendar days. If that period has passed and you have not made any sort of reply to the order, your right to defend your property in court will essentially vanish and the bank can get what they want faster.
  • Use the property yourself – it is actually practical to live in the property while the court proceedings take place, or while you’re waiting for the final verdict regarding the order to seize your property. Until the court declares that the claim is valid, the bank cannot prevent you from using the property personally. In addition to this, even if you’ve got a good Long Island foreclosure defense attorney on your side, who knows how long the case will take? While having your legal troubles end favorably is the ideal outcome, there’s always the possibility that you will end up without a home. If your lawyer sees that your chances of winning is quite slim, he could still prolong the proceedings while you stay in your property; that way, you’ll have the opportunity to plan where you’ll move if ever you lose in court.
  • File for bankruptcy – this is considered a high-risk strategy that may yield an easy resolution given case you are currently facing. However, you need to be extra careful when you declare that you are under heavy financial constrains due to the fact that most banks do not believe someone who immediately claims he or she is bankrupt after receiving a foreclosure order. Seek guidance from your Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer on the steps that you need to follow in playing out the role of someone who doesn’t have any money at all. Remember, filing bankruptcy is an advisable option if you have a lot of debts or if a business establishment you own is in shambles financially and keeping it up and running considerably hinders your ability to settle your home mortgage fees.

As you should have realized from reading this brief article, you shouldn’t merely hire a lawyer if ever you receive a foreclosure order. You need to play an active role in resolving your legal dilemma – in some cases, you might even have to try rather unorthodox solutions and strategies for the sake of increasing your chances of winning in court (or at least surviving the fallout of losing your legal battle).