Making A Statement With Custom Patches

Denims are making a comeback right now and they’re becoming staple fashion pieces. A lot of young designers nowadays are tweaking the good old denim jacket to make a fashion statement. And how do they make their statements known? They used patches!

Embroidered patches goes way back during the 1800s and are still used today :

We essentially used them as a badge to represent a group, an institution, an advocacy, etc. But now, people use them to make fashion statements and add spunk on our day-to-day clothing.

Making embroidered patches requires skill because it needs a lot of handwork and embroidering. But if we’re lacking in that department fret not because there are companies who offer such services. And they can also create for us custom patches and have it delivered right at our doorstep.

One formidable company from Florida, USA specialize in customized embroidered patches is the guys from patches4less. The company is known to give their clients the liberty to decide with everything regarding their custom patches. They will work on their desired designs given the customers decide with the size, the quantity and the kind of threads to be used and the patch backing options.

Custom Patches

Through their website, www.patches4less.com clients can place orders and even get a free quotation from them. First, they simply send them a patch ideas/design or any artworks or pictures. Once the design is received their artists will send the client a digital proof of their design that they’ll have to approve before finalizing an order. After getting the client’s approval, they will then proceed with the production of the custom patches.

What we like more about patches4less is that they really give us the autonomy to work on our patches to our best taste. As paying customers we have the option to decide on what threads to use, its size, quantity and what kind of patch backing to be done. When it comes to color accuracy for the patch design, we can use their patch color guide from their website to establish the correct color of the twill and threads for them to use.

Speaking about patch backing, it’s impressive that they have varied options for this :

We personally love the Iron on Backing because it’s easier way to attach the patches; and also we are in love with the Velcro Backing because we can wear the patch pretty much anywhere with Velcro!

Since Patches4less is a company that caters to customized outputs it’s understandable that they have a minimum capping for orders. The minimum quantity per order is 10 pieces and the maximum is 2000 pieces. Patch sizes on the other hand can go from as small as 2 inches up to 7 inches.

Embroidered Patches

Pricing is also subject to every order specifications. So it’s important to know what size of the patch & the actual size of the embroidery, the type of patch backing, and the kind of threads and twill that will be used.

The company has a no-cancellation policy since they are selling customized items and each of those items is backed by a digital proof that we’ve approve. Nonetheless, they will gladly replace faulty items due to production errors.

We have no problem putting our trust on this company because they’ve already been in business for quite some time now and are able to deliver great custom patches for a lot of customers. Some of them are companies from the Fortune 500, the military, the police and many more. This feat already assures us with the amount of dedication they give for this industry.

Patches4less also takes pride on their design team:

Boasting with their years of experience, they are able to design and deliver quality patches that match customers’ specifications. And we don’t doubt them about this.

They also offer free shipping using FEDEX USA AIR so we are guaranteed that our orders will be delivered to our doorstep right on time. Just make sure to indicate the complete and accurate address to prevent delays and loss of the package.

Their customized services are perfect for fashion savvy individuals who love to make a statement out of custom patches. Just imagining the opportunity to make use of our own design to incorporate on our garments to make statements invokes a lot of fun.

This can also bring opportunities for young and aspiring designers to sell their unique designs using their customized patches and make a profit out of it. And with the availability of resources through the internet everything has become effortlessly possible.

Making a statement using patches has never been this fun. And being able to design and customize our own patches also adds the fun of making your own statement. And just like wearing school patches, wearing your designed patches is like wearing your identity and taking pride of it.

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